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postComment: "As you may be aware, Mac OS X Lion is rumored to be released in the next few weeks. We've been testing Checkout 3 and its Lion compatibility and are aware of some issues that will prevent you from running Checkout 3 on Lion.\n\nWhile we're working on a Lion compatibility update, it is highly recommended that you do not upgrade to Lion until this update is available.\n\nYou will automatically be notified of this update if you have selected the option to Check for software updates online found in the Manager > General > This Mac tab. If you do not have this option enabled, you can manually check by selecting Check for Updates which is located in the Checkout menu.\n\nPlease note that older versions of Checkout are not being tested as they are no longer supported.\n\nIf you have questions regarding Checkout 3 and Mac OS X Lion, please call us at 877 788 1202.\n\nKind regards,\nThe Checkout Team"

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