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postComment: "Illustrator CS3 seems to open and function satisfactorily in Lion, but it asked me to download and install Java Runtime beforehand. It was a fairly painless download, so that wasn't much of a big deal.\n\nA more annoying issue with Illustrator (and probably with the entire CS3 suite) is that the Adobe patches to update the software are completely broken. Anything that requires PowerPC architecture will not function in Lion. What this means is that you cannot upgrade your software to version 13.0.1 or 13.0.2. You're stuck with 13.0.0. If it isn't important to you to install the patch, then this shouldn't be a big problem, but there may be some niggling issues that the patch solved that Lion will not support.\n\nI tried downloading and installing the patches directly from the Adobe site - same problem. It complained about a \"bspatch\" program. \n\nIf you can install the patches on Snow Leopard before upgrading to Lion, that is probably the safest bet. If you've done a clean install of Lion as I have, you're probably out of luck with the patches.\n"

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