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postName: 'GRRR. Frustrated'
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postComment: "Winclone 2.3 trying to clone Windows 7. Tried unchecking every option except for Use mountable disk format and using the \"compressed\" version. Keep getting this error: \n\ndiskimagetype is compressed ====Cloning NTFS filesystem to compressed dmg=======\nhdiutil create -puppetstrings -srcdevice \"/dev/disk0s4\" \"/Users/samuelelliot/Desktop/win7.winclone/Windows\" 1>&2 PERCENT:0.000000 MESSAGE:Preparing imaging engineā€¦ hdiutil: create failed - Invalid argument return value of hdiutil create -puppetstrings -srcdevice \"/dev/disk0s4\" \"/Users/samuelelliot/Desktop/win7.winclone/Windows\" 1>&2 is 256\nhdiutil create -puppetstrings -srcdevice \"/dev/disk0s4\" \"/Users/samuelelliot/Desktop/win7.winclone/Windows\" 1>&2 did not complete successfully cleaning up: Mounting Disk Volume BOOTCAMP on /dev/disk0s4 mounted Thu Jul 28 23:02:59 PDT 2011"

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