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postComment: "after installing snow leopard on a newly created small partition on my external drive separate from lion,i was able to use the older win clone to restore my xp partition successfully without any errors! the 2.3 version from this site doesn't work well,and although it does make an ok backup with everything unchecked,it doesn't restore at all,gives constant errors about being already unmounted,makes no sense. however our problems are solved!!!\n\nthis software from paragon not only makes bootable clones of bootcamp like win clone,but isn't discontinued like win clone,so will receive regular updates,but also is capable of making a bootcamp recovery cd to allow you to boot into windows and repair bootcamp from within windows. also backs up HFS and mac extended GUID partition tables! awesome! had to share with the mac community finally another means of backing up and restoring bootcamp even with LION installed!"

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