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postComment: "Paragon Partition Manager 11 is the way to go! look at some of the apple features it has better than win clone!\n Disaster recovery for Apple Boot Camp* Protect dual-boot Macs from the Windows side or in the Linux or WinPE 3.0 recovery environments\n Boot Corrector Fix most system boot problems that result from human or program error, or a boot virus activity\n NTFS and FAT defragmentation 27 defragmentation strategies, MFT defragmentation and shrinking, low free space defragmentation (less than 1% of the free space required)\n Better support for 64-bit platforms \nYour computer will automatically be rebooted to native Windows boot-up mode to complete operations which cannot be accomplished under 64-bit Windows\n Better support for GUID Partition Table (GPT) Back up and restore not only single GPT volumes but entire disks, including the option of resize during the restore operation\n Better support for Apple Boot Camp Not only back up and restore this kind of configuration, but copy single volumes or entire disks with resize\n Better support for Linux ExtFS From Ext2FS to the new Ext4FS\n \n* When running an Apple Boot Camp configuration only possible via WinPE-CD."

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