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postComment: "Hi,\n\n \n\nI have installed Mac OS X Lion on my iMac. And I have tried to use Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection on my iMac.\n\n \n\nTHe installation is okay, but after installing the Master Collection, \"The Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 failed to run\". An error message saying that \"The following software does not support 'PowerPC'\".\n\nBut I ran the Spring Cleaning 11 for \"rebuild Lanch Service Devices\", and after that, my Photoshop 5.1 works!!!\n\nMy Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe is for SL so it won't work on LIon. I will need some other way to let me PS know that it's already on a \"intel\" based iMac.\n\nThanks.\n\nJohn"

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