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postComment: "@George:\nI don't know who wrote the description first - but it its NOT correct.\nReadiris Pro 12.0.6 (which its what I have on my iMac) does work with Lion, so i corrected the original \"not working\" flag to works fine.\n\nP.S.: I bought Readiris from their website, not through the Mac AppStore - so I can't speak for the 12.5.0 that you get there, but since the version number suggests a newer version, it probably should work in Lion.\n\nP.P.S.: beware - this Readiris \"Pro\" does have a limit to 50 pages for each document, which can be quite annoying and surely isn't something you'd expect from a Pro-version, maybe if it was called 'Lite' or 'LE'..\n\nThis is NOT mentioned in the App Store description (IMHO to conceal such an arbitrarily set limitation is near to fraud).\n\nAnd another beware: DO NOT expect any free updates at all for this software. As mentioned I have the 12.0.6 bought from their online store and they do not offer any updates at all - additionally, there is no way to check for you if they have a newer version available on their site.\nI only saw from the AppStore, that they have in fact a newer version.."

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