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postComment: "So basically ..12094 is working perfectly fine on Lion, NO issues at all. (Using Windows 7 x64)\n\nOnly migration glitches are present (which you listed above), but the app itself is working fine and is perfectly usable on Lion.\n\nWhile I don't mind you changing back app state to Some problems (should you encounter any serious issues that affect the general everyday usability and can not be resolved using any official workarounds) but please note I'm not going to have disputes with you on this, I'm getting bored with this. I'm not going to read further comments about which state it should be. You can change the app state if you want to… I dont care about… BUT as it is working perfectly fine for people like me who are not migrating then I think it Works Fine. So I dont think there is a point for it to remain on some problems. \n\nThough I would like Parallels to release an update over …12094 that would troubleshoot these migration glitches too and would take advantage of Lion's new features. \n(According to Parallels, current build does not take advantage of Lion's new features, only making it compatible and usable to Lion with basic compatibilty.)\n\nAnother point why should it be on \"Works fine\": \n\nMany people would need help for sure which one can they actually use on Lion. \n\nBy the time, VMWare Fusion seems to have much more problems than Parallels, as VMWare is lazy and they didn't really updated it to work with Lion. \nParallels did. \nSo that's why we need to let users know THIS is the way to go. \n\n\n\n\nNote again: You are very free to change it back to \"Some problems\" if you want to whatever reasons. \nDon't worry about me. I'm not a \"fight\" person, I won't be dealing with this anymore. If you think it's better to have it still on \"some problems\", then just go with it. I won't change it anymore."

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