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postComment: "We see something similar with our PDF Shrink 4.5.3 Build 5772.\n\nThe PDF services that used to work under 10.6 no longer work under 10.7. I.e., you cannot print to a PDF service saved by PDF Shrink and obtain an output file.\n\nWe also see the configuration wizard crashes when you close it or if it is exiting because you are finishing a configuration change. Because likes to restart apps by default, PDF Shrink is restored to the point in the configuration wizard before the crash. One has to work around the Lion restore by launching PDF Shrink while holding down the shift key. And one wonders if the configuration wizard was able to complete the configuration before it crashes after pressing the Finish button the 2nd time.\n\nIf you use PDF Shrink directly on a file, it works. However configuration and PDF Services have problems under Lion."

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