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postComment: '@ prash i just did this recently ith win clone and also has this type of error. try deleting the bootcamp partition with disk utility,then create a new one making sure to use the EXACT SMAE PARTITION SIZE AS IT WAS AT THE TIME THAT PARTICULAR WINCLONE BACKUP WAS MADE !!! VERY IMPORTANT STEP! that is why that error is coming up. once i recreated my new bootcamp partition to the exact size it was at the time i made the backup,it resorted flawlessly hope tho shleps! now if we could only find a 64 bit windows 7 driver for the ati radeon hd 2600 pro that works. windows 7 is saying the card is an Ati mobility XT. that is a bitch laptop card. this happened in windows xp via bootcamp and the fix was easy,manually point the installer to the correct driver for the ati hd 2600 pro,then it not only was displayed correctly but increased to the true performance of 256 mbs of VRAM. but with lion i was forced to uninstall my bootcamp and install windows 7,although i have also installed xp again very easily even with lion. my friend and i have altered the inf file so that the driver installer installs correctly. it now displays as the ati hd 2600 pro NOT mobility but is still giving us the under clocked performance of the mobility card. this is apple''s fault,the leopard disk installs the wrong display driver,thats why i had to fix it when i had windows xp. but at least then,it worked! please help if you know a solution or know a shitload about gpu''s and how to get it running as it should. thanks in advance!'

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