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postName: Raffaele
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postComment: "Hello everyone, sorry my English using google translator\nI had the need to use the MBP winclone a friend, with lion and windows bootcamp partition of 7 64. I tried but I could not winclone 2.3 so I tried to install OSX 10.6 on a firewire external HD, but the MBP went kernelpanic I tried on my MBP and all my MacMini with a lion and went all in kernelpanic.\nFor this I gave up. But now with the 10.7.1 update I tried to boot from external HD with OSX 10.6, I installed winclone 2.2 works only that I no longer have my friend's MBP and I can try if you can clone the partition bootcamp.\nYou can try it?"

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