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postComment: 'simply use disk utility to delete the bootcamp partition,then extend the mac os x partition to the maximum size allowed,click partition. it will then update the recovery location and then finish. recreate a new bootcamp partition with bootcamp assistant,restart your mac holding the option key,select the windows xp,vista or 7 disc to start up from. let it load completely,then either simply choose to format the newly created fat-32 bootcamp partition into ntfs,or reinstall windows entirely if you desire a clean install of windows. then boot back into mac mode,use win clone to restore to the newly created/formatted in either fat 32 or ntfs,whichever your winclone backup''s format was,let it finish restoring,even if you get the disk0s4 already unmounted error. or it will say resorted successfully. restart your mac holding option key again,both into windows as normal,when it was backed up with win clone and running correctly. i have done this same procedure at least 100 times. works every time. these other people are haters! that easy! win clone does still work ok in lion. the best part is you can do this process endlessly to go back and forth between working backups made with win clone of ANY windows system perfectly!'

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