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postName: Raffaele
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postComment: "I did some 'experiments.\nI installed Windows 7 on my MBP (20 GB partition) and I tried to create image with bootcamp 2.3 and 2.3.1 winclone but does not create anything.\nI booted from Firewire external HD with Snow Leopard, and I used winclone 2.2 I created an image of bootcamp then I restarted on osx lion I deleted the bootcamp partition with BootCamp Assistant and after I recreated one of 40 GB, then I closed my assistant I opened disk utility and bootcamp partition formatted in NTFS bootcamp.\nThen I opened winclone 2.3.1 and I did the restore has been successful.\nI rebooted from windows, but fully functional space as a partition 20 GB"

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