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postComment: "bubbanc, thanks for the quick support. That yielded the same results, but I realized that the Windows partition is now showing up as disk0s4, so something must have been wonky with the partition table. The process I went through to get the partition was a bit involved, as initially the partition created using Boot Camp Assistant was too small (Is there a GiB vs GB size calculation difference between Winclone and BCA?). Had BCA then failed to restore to a single partition (my theory is due to Filevault), so I disabled FV, then restored to single partition, then re-partitioned with BCA. That was the point of the failure last night.\n\nOvernight I re-enabled FV and restarted, and now the Boot Camp partition is listed as s4 instead of s5, and restoration is working from the GUI.\n\nThanks again for your help."

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