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postComment: "Bruce,\n\nI had an EMail exchange with the developer. Unfortunately the only thing they responded with was an insistence that PDF Skrink worked. When I sent them multiple crash dumps, they did not respond.\n\nWhen I declined to change the state of the application for this entry, the developer signed in and changed it to \"works fine\". Later someone changed it back to \"some problems\".\n\nI sent another EMail with more crash dump data to the developer, along with some information on another matter. They responded, but not to crash dump reports.\n\nI am puzzled by the developer's lack of comments on their application crashing during configuration and their lack of comments on the PDF service not working under Lion.\n\nPerhaps you should EMail the developer? Maybe if more people ask, they might update/fix their application. According to their \"Contact us\" web page, try:\n\moc.ogapa|selasn#moc.ogapa|selasn\n"

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