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postComment: "With a clean installation of the latest developer preview (11C40) I'm getting some indication that CoolBook may in fact be throttling frequencies and voltages without the workaround solution. Although I received the same error message that the CoolBook driver wasn't installed, the controller is listed as a valid extension (CoolBook2.kext). Also, after having set reduced voltages under battery power and activating CoolBook, my estimated time remaining jumps by about an hour. Finally, if I slide the CPU Load bar all the way to the right, the reported frequencies and voltages match what I've set.\n\nI've tried verifying the actual CPU voltages with iStat Menu, but am not sure if those readings are reliable, since even in Snow Leopard they don't vary much between on- and off-line usage.\n\nCould it be that CoolBook throttling is active but the reported frequencies and voltages are somehow off? As I type this, my battery is at 84% and shows 7:45 hours remaining!"

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