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postName: 'Scott Elliott'
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postComment: 'I too am experiencing crashes in the app when used in Lion (OS X 10.7). My temporary work around until they get it working correctly with Lion is to go through the wizard of advanced setup. Click "save" and yes it will crash. Simply reopen, and when it pops up the wizard will be open again. Leave the wizard open (do not close it) but choose the que window of PDFshrink in the background. Select the "default" radial button next to the settings you want to use. The last one you entered should be listed now. Then quit the app. Drop your videos on the dock icon for PDFshrink and it will infact compress the PDF using your new settings as they are default. It has worked for me but it will be great once this app is fixed as I use it multiple times a day and recommend it to everyone.'

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