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postComment: "Lol, well, I updated to 11C43 and screwed something up big time. I've downgraded back to Snow Leopard and got proper battery time again… Though it's more like 5+ hours, my bad, but still more than with Lion.\n\nOne interesting thing: I noticed how my lowest voltage is still at 0.925, the same behavior I had in Lion, which is too high. I can set all frequencies to 0.925 and it runs stable. I always thought this was a bug due to Lion, but it was the same in SL.\n\nI dug a bit and manually changed the values in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/se.coolbook.switcher.plist. The pairs are somehow merged:\n\n\"34314\" is 798 MhZ / 0.8375 V\n\"34315\" is 798 MhZ / 0.8500 V\n\"34316\" is 798 MhZ / 0.8625 V\n\nLowering the last one / two digits by one lowers the voltage by 0.0125 V. Coolbook's table will show the right values, but the dropdown still doesn't allow the low voltages and you cannot test them. I however noticed that if the frequency changes, the voltage iStatMenus finds matches the settings :) I can only confirm that for SL, but it might be interesting for you guys, if you think your system can survive even lower voltages than what CoolBook allows."

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