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postName: 'Kellie D. Morgantini'
postComment: "I'm running 1Password on MacBook Pro 15\" with LION, updated to Version 3.8.3.BETA-2 (build 31125) of 1password just today.\n\n1Password is still crashing everytime I try to open it. Have not found any help on AgileBits site in the forum, and they've shut down email assistance. Anyone have any suggestions? \n\nI really like 1Password, but I don't have time to attempt to fix it multiple times a day, and may have to move to something else (if there is anything). Hope the agilebits folks are reading this discussion and can supply a fix.\nThanks\n\nKellie D. Morgantini\n\nKellie D. Morgantini\nExecutive Director, Attorney\nLegal Services for Seniors\n915 Hilby Avenue, Suite 2\nSeaside, California 93955\nTel. 831.899.0492 ~ Fax. 831.401.3185"

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