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postComment: "Main malfunctiuns on Carrara 8.1 Pro (with MacBook Air & OSX.7.1)\n- As a result of what P. Aquilone has written above, you have to enter your name and serial number every time you launch Carrara, and have to valid another extra dialogs.\n- Files and resources cannot be opened from the application file menu (Open, or Import) so you have to go to the finder, find the file and open with… from the finder.\n- Some resources cannot be opened but only when associated with a file opened from the finder\n- The content folder path is not easy to learn to Carrara (I dont remember how I didi it amongst the many tries I did), but once learnt, Carrara seems to keep it. Content can then be used (but the content update minimenu doesz not work)\n- All the many actual bugs on OSX.6.8 are still alive on OSX.7.1"

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