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postComment: "Dragon 2.5 works fine with Lion and appears to be absolutely reliable - if you dictate into Dragon's Notepad (then copy/paste into your document).\n\nDictating into Firefox starts out fine, but then you end up getting a lot of garbage words getting added.\n\nDictating into Safari is a little better, but if you dictate into a browser - all the \"b\"'s in words get mysteriously left out of the words. Also - forget using Dragon if you are simultaneously using TextExpander. It is heartbreaking to have to choose between both of these fine apps. \n\nDictating into Word appears to work fine (again, you have to disable Text Expander), and dictating into Mail appears to work fine if you also disable text expander.\n\nThe iPhone remote microphone app appears to work really well - but if you switch locations (ie. go from home to office) - which means switching wireless routers/networks - you have to basically go into the iPhone app and search for your computer under settings manually in order to connect to it for the remote Mic function.\n\nOverall, it is useable if you get enough functionality out of the program to figure out ways around its quirks with 10.7. Hopefully ,the fine folks at Nuance will post some helpful updates soon. This software - for all its quirks - saves me at least 5 hours per week."

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