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postComment: 'Hello, I bought assassins creed 2 in and have it installed on my imac. which ran until very Speil gut.Nach restarting the iMac, I wanted to play it again and opened it I came to the screen where you could choose between Story mode and so on. I wanted to click mode by looking into a mouse character assassins creed story was not the mouse pointer was in the top left corner and moved not . i finished the game and it deinstallirte it then reinstall it. When the installation was finished I clicked on the icon to play it just jumped and jumped back down and so all the time went so I end up on the bouncing icon and immediately went into the trash moved. My iamc lion running under 10.7.1 and has a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5. 4g DDR3 1333 MHz and a amd readon HD 6750 512 MB graphics card'

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