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postComment: "Correspondance from Simulation Curriculum Corp\n\nAlthough Starry Night version 6 is fully compatible with OSX 10.7 Lion, the installers for versions 6.2.3 and earlier are PPC based and will not therefore work with Apple's newest OS. To remedy this issue we are offering a free downloadable version of 6.4.3 to all users who own one of these a disc-based PPC installers. All installers greater than 6.2.3 are fully compatible with Lion. If you have one of the PPC based version 6 installers please provide the following information. A replacement download will be provided. You will receive an email with download links for version 6.4.3.\n\n1. Full name\n
2. Complete mailing address. 
\n3. Phone number.
\n4. Email Address
5. Starry Night product (i.e. Pro Plus, Pro, Enthusiast, etc.)\n
6. License key (i.e pu6-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
\n7. Store Order #"

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