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postComment: "Notes on the installation process using CrossOver (for what it is worth):\n\n1. Install CrossOverDownload EZColor installer for Windows.\n2. Run CrossOver, choose Install Software, choose 'Other Software', choose installer file, start\n3. Window will open telling you to open/run an installer file in a temporary folder on the C: drive\n4. navigate to this installer file in the Finder (in Library>Application Support>Crossover>name of bottle>C: drive), make Finder winder visible\n5. in CrossOver, choose menu Programs>Run Command…, then choose the correct (new) bottle from the pop up, then drag the installer file above into the box, inserting the filepath, and click run\n6. Cancel installation process in CrossOver\n7. double click EZColor file in Finder to launch it, or choose it in the Programs menu in CrossOver\n"

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