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postComment: "Hey Kellie,\n\nI'm sorry that you are having some trouble. I searched the forums and our inbox for posts and emails from you, but I was unable to find one based on the email address associated with your license. We provide the our support in our own forums and via email (moc.stibeliga|troppus#moc.stibeliga|troppus), but we are always available to help no matter where you post. :-)\n\nIf you are still having trouble after updating to the latest version, please shoot us an email or stop by the forums where we would be happy to get everything squared away.\n\\n\nOffhand, I don't think I know of any reports like this with the latest version, so I am especially keen on getting this worked out for you.\n\n— \nKhad Young\nForum Choreographer, AgileBits\"

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