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postName: Dio
postComment: "On my brand new Mac Mini Lion is installed, there was no iWeb included so I installed iWeb 0.3 (iLife 09). It seems to have a problem with Html Widgets like Bannerzest Flash foot's. the banner shows always on the foreground, even if I put the layer on the background, my mp3 player (professional WimpyPlayer) shows up but after uploading, NO Flash Banner and NO mp3 player. Lucky me, i made a backup of the web files but I can not update Html widgets, except Goorgle Maps works.\n\nAnother thing, the new Mac Mini has no DVD driver anymore, so I buy Aplle's external one, be course I want to install Leopard again. The installer DVD won't start up if i hold \"C\". I can NOT go back to Leopard ! ?"

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