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postComment: "On Entourage 2008, I was able to add e-mail accounts (IMAP), but Gmail authentication took quite a long time (it may have been this way in Snow Leopard as well). I can send and receive IMAP e-mails without a problem. \n\nI noticed that the main window on Entourage cannot be resized by dragging the sides of the windows (new Lion feature). The mail message windows can be resized, however.\n\nThe sync function with iCal seems to be working all right. I can add calendar events in Entourage and they will show up in the iCal \"Entourage\" folder, just as with Leopard and Snow Leopard, provided I set it up in Entourage Preferences. Also, some basic AppleScript items seem to be working OK as well, including the Action Scripts 4-D by Adam Sneller (\n\n"

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