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postComment: "I successfully used bubbanc's WinClone 2.3.2 to Image WinXP Home from a laptop drive mounted via USB to a non-compressed DMG, created BootCamp partition and formatted it as NTFS with the WinXP Home boot CD, and restored into the BootCamp partition under OS X 10.6.7 on an iMac (Mid 2011). Booted into Windows and installed BootCamp drivers. Everything was running fine. WinClone Imaged the updated BootCamp partition back to a \"special\" image for future restores (if needed).\n\nThen I tried upgrading to Lion. The Installer wouldn't let me because it couldn't create the Recovery partition. Using BootCamp Assistant, I removed the Bootcamp partition. Rebooted. Installed Lion 10.7.1 successfully, including the Recovery partition. (There were two software updates after the OS install, including an iMac Firmware Update…hrm, is it at fault?) Recreated the BootCamp partition, formatted it with the XP CD, and then Restored the \"special\" image.\n\nBroke everything. Blue Screen of Death in XP. \n\nRestored the original DMG. Blue Screen of Death. I tried everything, including doing the ntfsclone and gptrefresh by hand. Blue Screen of Death 0x000000007b.\n\nI even re-imaged the original WinXP partition from the old drive; no luck on restore.\n\nBut I think I discovered the problem:\nWhen gptrefresh runs, it changes the partition ID of the BootCamp partition in the MBR to 0x07 (which is the NTFS ID). HOWEVER, it also, for unknown reasons, changes the ID of the Recovery partition (which is slice 3) to ID 00 from ID AB (00 is 'unused', AB is 'Darwin Boot').\n\nAfter some googling, I found that fdisk can be used to change the ID of partitions in the MBR:\n$ fdisk -e /dev/disk0\n> print <this will list the current MBR records\n> setpid 3\nPartition id ('0' to disable) [0 - FF]: [0] (? for help) AB <enter 'AB' and hit return\n> write <—this might generate an error saying it will need a reboot\n> exit\n\nDid a restore, rebooted, and WinXP booted just fine!\n\nNow, the final \"clone\" of XP that made it onto that partition was pretty much done completely by hand, not using WinClone or the winclone.perl script. But I did it just like the script would have, including pushing the MBR and editing the BOOT.INI.\n\nAt this point I'm not interested in doing it again…this is a client's machine and I've spent too many hours on it already. But I'm pretty sure that was the problem; I did the restore too many times (not doing the fdisk) unsuccessfully. I'm not certain why gptrefresh insists on modifying a partition that it is NOT supposed to (it is passed '-a 4', saying only act on the BootCamp partition), but WinXP and/or the MBR doesn't like it. IIRC, I think there used to be a \"free space\" slice between the \"Macintosh HD\" partition and the BootCamp partition, maybe it is making a dangerous, mistaken assumption.\n\nAlso, I noticed that ntfsclone continually complained after scanning the image files that the volume had at least 1 bad sector:\nWARNING: The disk has 1 or more bad sectors (hardware faults)\nI chkdsk'd the original WinXP drive and ran Disk Utility on the iMac drive and found no problems. I had to edit the winclone.perl script to insert a '-b' flag into the ntfsresize function command line to ignore errors, otherwise the script would dump and not complete the resize or the gptrefresh."

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