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postComment: "I am in discussions with Adobe over the live view crashing problem when editing css.\n\nI posted on the adobe forums and sent so many bug reports they eventually contacted me. I've been dealing with them for a month now and still no fix. Last week they logged onto Skype screen sharing and watched me go to Dreamweaver and do some simple css edits, just font sizes and positioning. Bang, it crashed within 20 seconds. I have sent them the exact Wordpress website, the database etc and they have set it up their end. (I use localhost and MAMP)\nI'm waiting to hear the feedback and hopefully there will be a fix soon.\n\nTo those who mention \"have you upgraded to Lion or done a fresh install\". Adobe asked this and I have actually done an upgrade as a fresh install would take too ong and I have a business and deadlines.\nHowever, there are others who have done a fresh install and still have problems. There may be some out there who don't have problems such as njbagger above but njbagger do you use Live view?\n\nThere may also be others who are using live view and don;t experience problems, that's what Adobe need to discover, what is causing it and how to stop it. Then hopefully it can be fixed through a software update or taking whatever action necessary."

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