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postComment: "Hello,\n\nI tried using DiskWarrior v4.2 Rev 1102 on OS X 10.7.1. I can confirm that DiskWarrior crashes soon after you authenticate with your administrator password. Worse still, if you boot from the DiskWarrior DVD it will refuse to rebuild your internal system volume (or a cloned external copy of your system drive) with the error message:\n\n\"The directory of the disk \"My Mac\" cannot be built.\n\nThis disk appears to have a newer version of the Mac OS disk format than this version of DiskWarrior. An attempt to rebuild the directory could result in loss of data. Please contact Alsoft technical department, the technical support e-mail address is: moc.tfoslA|troppus.hcet#moc.tfoslA|troppus.hcet.\"\n\nThis web entry had marked DiskWarrior with a Lion status of: \"some problems\". Given that DiskWarrior under 10.7.1 crashes every time when run as an app and cannot rebuild a Lion system volume, I changed the Lion compatibility status to \"doesn't work\"."

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