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postComment: "I have read the posts and the FAQs regarding compatibility of Wiretap Studio and Lion OS X. I would like to say that I am very disappointed by the lack of attention from the Ambrosia Team on this subject. I have paid good money for an application that no longer works as advertised at the time of purchase. We understand the technicalities, but it would be helpful if they communicated their intentions. \n\nAs it stands we are 2 months down the line since the last update and to be honest this is just not good enough. You have the blogs, the support forum and the journalists as well as numerous tech websites all asking you when you are going to update this software. \n\nPlease can we have a honest and open response about the roadmap of this product in the next 7 days. I think you owe it to your customers, dont you? \n\nIf we dont see some update outlining your intention for this product in that timescale then I feel it is well within our right as consumers of your software to request our money back. \n\nI look forward to a non-automated, human response with some honesty and integrity. \n\n"

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