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postComment: "My problem was fixed by some these steps\nfrom:\n\n\n1. Shut down Windows Live Mesh (i.e. both in the dock and the menu bar) \n2. Delete the “~/Library/Application Support/Live Id” folder \n3. Delete the \"~/Library/Application Support/WLMesh\" folder \n4. Open the Keychain app (click the magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen to launch Spotlight, and search for “Keychain Access”) \n5. Delete the following from the Keychain Access app:\n\n- Any certificates that have a name like “0018………….%00” \n- Any that begin with \"Live Id Private Key\" \n- Any that begin with \"Live Id Public Key\" \n- Any named \"Token Signing Public Key\"\n\nand then start Live Mesh"

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