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postComment: "Folks, we're doing everything we can to communicate the urgency of this to Apple, but to be honest, there's really nothing we can do to escalate the priority they assign to this bug.\n\nIf there were any kind of fix we could deploy to work around the issue we absolutely would have done so. But as others have noted, this issue affects not just Avatron's drivers, but ALL third-party video drivers. This includes DisplayLink, DisplayPad, iScreen, iDisplay, AirScreen, ScreenRecycler, and yes, Air Display.\n\nSorry I don't have better news about this.\n\nBut please realize that most Macs running Snow Leopard or Lion are compatible with the Air Display drivers. Those that are not are listed on our web site at\n\nBest regards,\nDave at Avatron"

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