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postComment: "Here is a fix for one of the problems (the error about needing administrative rights) - it should(!) work on all versions of ReadIris 12 though I have only tested on Corporate. Having installed from the CD that came with my IRIScan Office Pro under Lion I got nothing when I tried to run ReadIris Corporate. I then installed the 12.05 update. This gave me the Administrator Rights problem. Rerunning the installer made no difference.\n\nAlthough you may be logged in as a user with admin rights, ReadIris doesn’t appear to actually run with elevated privileges unless forced to. What you need to do is temporarily give it administrative rights – here is how…. (you will need to be an administrative user, of course).\n\nOpen\n\nType “sudo bash” (without the ” marks) and press enter. This will then ask for your password (the same as you log into Mac OS with). Once you’ve entered your password you’ll get another terminal prompt.\n\nThen type (without quotes) “cd /Applications/Readiris\ Corp\ 12/” and hit enter\n\nThen type (without quotes) “./Readiris” and hit enter.\n\nThis should run ReadIris and ask you for the serial number. Enter your serial number. You then need to request the activation key, which seems to require registration, so I did that, and immediately received the four digit alphanumeric code in an email from IRIS. Enter that, and it should work. Note – You will then need to quit ReadIris, and start it normally as your own user by clicking on its icon.\n\nBack in the terminal window you should see some exit messages – these don’t matter. You can just close the terminal, ignoring any warnings. Or if you prefer you can type exit repeatedly until it goes away.\n\nI’ve only tested this with Corporate, but given the nature of the problem, it ought to work with any version.\n\nhope this helps someone\n\nAndrew"

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