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postName: jonathan
postComment: "i'm getting frustrating with lion , since i fresh installed lion my motu \"driver\" when opening lion , it gives an error , and it close out. but even like this logic 9.1.5 detect it and i can use it , but i can't use some of the applications from motu or chance parameters , for that i have to do it physically on the sound interface …. lion is getting my nerves up , thinking seriously switching back to SL, at least it was running smoothly , and also i noticed since installed lion that the mac is constantly spinning fast the fans , and i notice some degradation in quality when working on my 23 inch led flat screen , true mini dp port , it seems logic all the time crash when working on the outside screen instead of the native one … among outher bugs from outher apps ..\ni hope someone find a fix soon for the motu problems"

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