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postComment: "Just to add to the party…\n\nI have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 in which WinClone was working fine for me before I applied 2 or 3 Apple updates. The updates included BootCamp v1.0 (whatever that was), MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update v2.2 & Security Update 2011-006 v1.0. I'm not sure which fudged up WinClone for me. I can't restore nor image my win partition from my MacBook Pro, but if I FireWire/ThunderBolt it and use another Mac with WinClone it images fine to my MBP\n\nWhen I try WinClone it an error which states in the log \"did not complete successfully\". So I would advise anyone not to update their machines with any of the above mentioned updates."

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