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postComment: "Yes, I got it to work with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Windows 7/64-bit. Not sure about Lion yet, but for anyone with Snow Leopard at least it made it possible.\n\nFirst install Winclone by mounting the .dmg and copying the app itself into /Applications, and if this is an upgrade from an older version, remove the old /Library/NTFSProgs folder in order to copy the new one there; permissions can be tricky, I had to do $sudo rm -R /Library/NTFSProgs, as it otherwise wouldn't let me copy the new folder over the older one that was already there. \n\nOnce the app is installed here is an exact list of the steps to follow, it should work.\n\n-1) Make a backup of your old existing Bootcamp partition (the source) using the Winclone version provided by this site (did not try it with older ones) taking great care to deselect all options in the preferences except the one where it specifies to save the backup using 'Mountable Disk Image Format'. I cannot emphasize enough, make sure that 'Compressed' option is NOT selected. Also make sure to look in the Finder [Command - I], to get info about the old Bootcamp partition's size and write that number down somewhere. This older Bootcamp partition you want to backup from (the source) can be on an external drive, rather than only on the startup disk on your Mac.\n\n-2) While having the OS booted from your new drive (the destination), create a fresh partition of the same size as the old one with the Bootcamp Setup Assistant software. Leave it empty and do not install anything else via its wizard once the partition has been created.\n\n-3) Run Winclone again, now restoring the previously saved image to this new drive's fresh and empty Bootcamp partition, and in the end it will come up with the error already mentioned by several people, about the drive being already mounted. Ignore this, just exit Winclone.\n\n-4) Go to Disk Utility and make sure to unmount the Bootcamp partition where the image was unsuccessfully restored onto. (as others have already pointed out, DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise the following commands will come up with a 'resource is busy' message)\n\n-5) Taking into account the following scenario where \n• Winclone is installed as /Applications/Winclone and NTFSProgs is at /Library/NTFSProgs\n• disk0s3 is the name of your new Bootcamp partition, { meaning disk '0' partition '3'}\n• /Volumes/path/to/yourbackup.winclone is the path and name of your backup, run the following commands in a terminal window:\n\n$ sudo /Applications/ -f -w -m /Volumes/path/to/yourbackup.winclone/boot.mbr -a 3 -u -i 0x07 /dev/disk0\n\nWhere the number '3' in {-a 3 -u -i} actually was the disk's partition number, so change yours to fit if your partition table is different, then followed by:\n\n$ sudo /Library/NTFSProgs/ntfscp -f /dev/disk0s3 /Applications/ /Boot/BCD\n\nAgain, make sure to change the path to backup as well as the disk and partition numbers to match those on your system.\n\nThe commands should complete successfully. You will then restart the computer while holding the [Option] key down, and 'Windows' should be one of the choices. It will start by complaining and running a full CHKDISK, then restart after which all will be well again, and Windows 7 should boot on your newly created partition.\n\nSorry, I do not know what to do to re-size the Bootcamp partition, or if these instructions would apply to Lion/10.7\n\nI was going to type this for myself, and figured why not post it here, it could probably help someone else out and save them the hours I just spent in frustration until I figured out what to do."

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