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postComment: "Thanks Rolandius.\n\nThe problem is, the OpenJDK is notoriously incompatible with most Java applications (they will run, but behave unexpectedly), and doesn't include Mac OS X integration like the Apple JDK does.\n\nAs Apple has dropped support for the JRE as of 10.7 Lion, and it's being developed open-source, this is the first time where I'm uncertain just how compatible my applications will actually be.\n\nPerhaps I should find a way to test this myself. Is it possible to install the 10.7 preview in a virtual machine, or on a separate partition using BootCamp? I'd prefer to continue using 10.6 at the same time as my main OS. Will see if I can find out…\n\nEdit: To clarify, I have no doubt that it will be available and working, the question is just how compatible it will actually be, and what features are included in terms of integrating into the Mac OS X environment and acting like a native Mac application."

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