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postComment: "@bigmacca24 -\nPlease note that Viber does not officially support iPhone 3G at this stage, as stated in our website (we support iPhone 3Gs and above), and that is probably the reason for the problems you are experiencing. We are looking into the problem at the moment, and we hope to come up with a solution soon.\n\n@delete and @Rk (about the missing contacts problem) -\nPlease try the following workaround:\n\nOpen Viber and find a person you know who has Viber in the \"All\" contact list. To reboot synchronization, change a digit, save and exit the contact list. Open contact again, change the digit back to the original, correct number, save and exit. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and see if the contact is now recognized as a Viber user.\n\nIf this doesn't work, please enter Viber's DialPad and try to manually dial the number in its FULL format (including the \"+\" sign, the country code, area code, etc.)\n\nPlease let me know if it helped or not."

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