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postComment: "Used Qpict for many years… and in the beginning the developer was even neatly answering comments…sadly in the last years mr Rune Lindeman has stopped answering his customers, at least me… and NOW using OSX 10.7 (Lion) on a Macbook Air, Qpict only crashes… after being opened… I downloaded several times that what is supposed to be the latest copy. \n\nI also deleted the .plist of Qpict in the library… just to be sure… \n\ndid not help. So I think Qpict may need to be listed as incompatible with Lion… or.. if the developer may take an interest in the failure of his product I am glad to send him a crash report… Mostly computers do not do voodoo, when something does not work in one instance, it may do the same in another.."

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