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postComment: "Hey everyone, first time user here. I'm trying to image my bootcamp partition (Win7 x64) from Lion 10.7.2 using the latest Winclone I found here (2.3.2). Shortly after initiating the image creation, it terminates with an error. From the end of the logs:\n\n\n\n=====backing up boot sector=====\n\n/bin/dd if=\"/dev/disk0\" of=\"/Users/test/Desktop/Untitled.winclone/boot.mbr\" bs=446 count=1\n1+0 records in\n1+0 records out\n446 bytes transferred in 0.019778 secs (22550 bytes/sec)\nreturn value of /bin/dd if=\"/dev/disk0\" of=\"/Users/test/Desktop/Untitled.winclone/boot.mbr\" bs=446 count=1 is 0\n\ncurrent size is 0\nCould not get size from fdisk! Do you have a Windows partition?\ncleaning up: Mounting Disk\nVolume BOOTCAMP on /dev/disk0s4 mounted\nFri Nov 11 14:48:12 EST 2011\n\n\nI googled and scanned the posts here as well as on other sites with threads on Winclone but could find nothing. Any ideas or suggestions? \n\nThanks in advance for any help!"

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