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postComment: "basically I'm trying to get a win7 install on a 2nd internal drive on a macbook pro late 2011\n\nheres what I tried last night\n\nI had cloned my win7 bootcamp partition(on the main hard drive) previously and it is stored on an external mac formatted drive\n\nlast night I got my 500gb drive ready in an external enclosure using a windows machine\npartitioned 100gb ntfs and 400gb exfat\ninstalled the drive and then used win clone to clone the image to the ntfs partition\nwin clone reported the operation was completed successfully\nwhen I restarted the machine the 2nd windows partition(since my original bootcamp partition was still on my osx boot drive) showed up as a bootable partition\nI chose the partition and it started to load windows…but…\nthe loading screen appeared to be different(more on that later)\nit got a ways into a windows boot and then did a lightning fast blue screen which I couldn't see the message on and then restarted into osx\n\nthe next time I tried the recovery console came up and gave me the 'safe mode' option but also mentioned a windows Vista installation…huh? \n\ntried again in safe mode…same blue screen and osx restart\n\nso\n\nI then wiped the partitions and recloned my bootcamp partition using winclone thinking maybe something went wrong with the image and reclone \npartitioned my 500gb drive using osx disk utility \n100gb fat and 400gb exfat\nre-imaged the 100gb partition winclone reported the operation successful\ntried to boot and same problem, windows starts to load and then lightning fast blue screen with osx restart\n\nI then tried installing refit to see if that would solve anything\nsame results\n\nit appears as though the 2nd hard drive is not going to work as a windows install\n\nanyone have any ideas?????\nthanks"

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