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postComment: "Running Aperture 3.2.1. Just upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion and Aperture freezes with the coloured wheel spinning constantly when I enter full screen and try to pinch and zoom on RAW images.\nThe temperature of the MacBook Pro laptop and 27″ iMac become very hot and the fans start to work overtime.\n\nThe images are approximately 21MB in size and in RAW format from my Canon 5D mark II.\n\nI wish I could use Aperture as a reliable photography tool but it is unstable and crashes too frequently to use it.\nI have decided to use Lightroom 3 and have experienced no problems, the temperature of the equipment is cooler, the images can be loaded and worked on quickly and I know it won’t crash or freeze when using it.\n\nSorry Apple, you make nice equipment but Aperture seems to have too many bugs to use reliably."

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