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postName: 'Tony Dymoke-Bradshaw'
postComment: "Complete disaster on the Lion front. My two main programs CanvasX and Eudora will have to go. For the shorter term I will just have to buy second hand Macs that can still run 10.7.\nNo one has come up with anything like a replacement for CanvasX. Have been with Canvas since version 1.\nCanvas 11 & 12 under VMfusion works quite well but I don't like the interface, even running in unity mode.\nWhat I need from a graphics program is:\nvector, bitmaps, images, pdf editing, text to paths, symbols, and so much more.\nFirst they dumped classic and now Rosetta. Absolutely no commitment to long term users. Even if a new program comes along how do I know I can still use it in ten years time. Keep those old machines running.\nAs for Mail to replace Eudora, it has a long way to go on the search facilities front.\n"

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