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postComment: "@salom: uninstall Viber> wait 24 hours> re-install Viber and setup again.\nYou'll receive a new access code. :)\n\n*Contact list on iOS 5:\nThere seems to be an issue in general with contact list on iOS 5. Please check:\n—-contact-list-not-showing-contacts\n\n* Message history: \nWe are aware of this issue and we will have a fix shortly. \nIn the mean time, if you shut down Viber (exit and close the app) before shutting down your Phone, the message history should remain intact. This is only a temporary work around, and we should have this issue resolved very soon.\n\n* Viber Crash/ Msgs do not appear:\nFor further assistance please contact our support team via:\n\nThanks!\n\n"

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