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postComment: "staygroovy's guide worked perfectly for me on Snow leopard 10.6.8, with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. \n\nAlso it does work for increasing size of the partition as well, I increased mine form 50gb to 100gb.\n\nIf you get an error right when it starts to copy the partition try saving the copy as \"BOOTCAMP\", this worked for me.\n\nWhen it gets to the very end of making the copy (took about an hour for me) it may give an error message, if it does follow staygroovy's guide.\n\n\nHere's a few notes for people like me who have no idea when it comes to using terminal commands:\n- If you want to find the root of a file, right click and get info for the file and it will be there under the general information. \n- Be careful with folders/files which have spaces in, if it's not working remove spaces from files (e.g. my folder that contained the windows copy was called \"saved partition\", it wouldn't work in terminal with the spaces so I changed it to \"partition\" and it was fine).\n- When typing the first command in terminal if it was successful a simple table with information in will appear in the terminal window.\n- The second command you need to do may say something about the partition being dirty after you press enter but it should have worked anyway, try restarting and holding alt and the windows partition should have appeared. \n\nAnd there you go, good luck with your resizing everybody, this program works fine, just make sure you put the NTFSProgs where they need to go and follow staygroovy's guide. :)"

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