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postComment: "I had been using Winclone with great success for years. Then after a software update a few months ago, it stopped working with error messages suggesting that it is finding problems in my NTFS bootcamp partition. The errors I get in the Winclone log are pretty well identical to those reported above by acywong on 28 October (log from 27 October).\n\nA few facts. Macbook Pro mid 2009 with 500 GB Seagate hybrid hard drive, running OS X 10.6.8. Boot camp partition is XP Home fully up to date, with NTFS file system. This partition is also used with Parallels Desktop 6. I am able to boot with no problems using either Boot Camp or Parallels, and chkdsk /f finds no errors.\n\nAny suggestions that might help me back up my Boot Camp partition before upgrading my Parallels installation would be most welcome.\n\nJust upgraded Winclone to 2.3.2 and copied in the new NTFSProgs. That did not help. \n\nAny suggestions? I am not afraid to use Terminal, or to run command line programs in Windows."

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