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postComment: "The problem: Got MacBook Pro mid 2009 500 GB. Use both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 EE 64bit (Bootcamp and Parallels). After the MacOS HD “part” failed a couple of times decided to replace the HD. Purchased 750 GB HD upgrade from iFixIt. Carbon Copy Cloner cloned my MacOS stuff smoothly. However WinClone 2.3 did not work well for me. I succeeded to make the bootcamp image file following hints at this site, but I was not able to restore it on the new HD getting errors hard to identify. Meanless to say that every effort took hours. \nThe solution: Spending almost 2 days and one night (partially) I gave up and followed Justin’s advice – I purchased Paragon Disk Copy for Mac. [No, it is not an add for Paragon] . The package documentation was not quite clear about cloning Bootcamp hard drives (possibly because they are selling there own version of Bootcamp  ), anyway, at the third effort I succeeded to copy the whole HD (both Mac and Bootcam partitions) in one shot expanding the partitions proportionally. The first two times cloning was fine but I could not get the proportional partition increase. \nWinClone is possibly a good software, but considering my hardware/software configuration, the time I spent on searching internet, trying a number of cloning programs and various parameter settings, I think that Disk Copy is the best way to go. I recommend it also because all my software that required activation started to work on the new HD immediately while some of the packages like PGP or InstallShield are really picky in that respect. Anyone who decided to go my way and meet a problem is welcome to ask at moc.liamtoh|6591mia#moc.liamtoh|6591mia. \n"

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