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postComment: "I purchased an NXT 2.0 set used from an open box retailer a week ago. The box was beat up but all the parts were present. Tried to install but got the cross out icon on the CD installer, so I tried the above directions with a slight modification. So far so good. My steps for mac os X 10.7.2:\n\n1) Follow all directions above.\n\nNXT could not find resource file.\n\n2) Reinstall using \"MindstormsEngUnivRet.pkg\". Retail CD-ROM v2.0\n\nNXT interface now functional on my 2011 Macbook Pro. Have not yet tested actual programing and downloading code to the NXT brick.\n\nDon't know if the performing step #2 in the first place instead of using \"MindstormsUnivRet.pkg\" first makes any difference. My Adobe Flash version is 10,2,159,1 per the Adobe website. I did not use the flash installer located on the CD."

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