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postComment: "to workaround the issue:\n\nUnmounting /dev/disk0s3\n/usr/sbin/diskutil unmount \"/dev/disk0s3\"return value of unmount is 256\n\noutput is disk0s3 was already not mounted\n\nI came up with an ugly patch of the perl file \n/Applications/\n\nthe perl file uses /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount 'disk' to unmount.\n\nIn a shell this command return status 0 if the command did unmount and 1 if the drive was already unmated.\n\nHowever for me and apparently other users, when incline use this command it gets an error status of 256 even if the drive was successfully unmounted.\n\nI change the unction unmoun_volume that stats line 525\n\nafter (line 538 to 540)\n if ($rv == 0) {\n last;\n }\nI added \n if ($rv == 256) {\n $rv=0;\n last;\n }\n\nSo the function unmount volume is now\nsub unmount_volume {\n my $volume=shift(@_);\n for ($i=0;$i<10;$i++) {\n if ($verbose) {\n print \"Unmounting $volume\n\";\n } \n $output =`/usr/sbin/diskutil unmount \\"$volume\\" 2>&1`;\n $rv=`echo $?`;\n printf \"$rv\"; \n if ($verbose) {\n print \"/usr/sbin/diskutil unmount \\"$volume\\"\";\n print \"return value of unmount is $rv\n\";\n }\n if ($rv == 0) {\n last;\n }\n if ($rv == 256) {\n $rv=0;\n last;\n }\n print \"output is $output\n\";\n if ($output =~ m/was already unmounted/i) {\n $ignore_rv=1;\n last ; \n }\n }\n\n if ($ignore_rv==0 && $rv != 0 ) {\n printf \"$command did not complete successfully\n\";\n cleanup;\n exitWithError($rv);\n }\n $ignore_rv=0; \n}\n\nWith this change I was able to image my bootcamp partition with incline."

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